image of red and black karts and cars showing the progression from karts into car racing


karts to kars – the Karting Legacy: Where Champions are Born

Karts to cars. Karting isn’t just a sport; it’s the bedrock of motorsport careers. At X-KART, this journey starts young, with TeamKarting in Rochdale welcoming enthusiasts as young as six. It’s here where the racing spirit ignites, laying the groundwork for future champions.

As racers mature, they transition from the indoor cocoon to the vast expanse of outdoor karting. It’s a rite of passage that unveils a new world of racing dynamics. X-KART’s outdoor circuit is where our drivers face challenging conditions and fierce competition, sculpting them into versatile, adaptable racers.

Karting: The Foundation of Racing Greats

The significance of karting in motorsports cannot be overstated. It’s the arena where legends like Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna honed their skills. At X-KART, we imbue our racers with the same foundational skills that propelled these icons to greatness.

X-RACING: connecting karts to cars

Our drivers, as they near 14 or 15, face a pivotal decision: continue in karting or venture into car racing. X-RACING offers a seamless transition, nurturing drivers for car racing’s complexities and providing pathways to prestigious series like the Fiesta Juniors and BTCC.

Driver Development: A Holistic Approach

X-RACING’s development programme goes beyond the track. We focus on technical skills, physical and mental conditioning, and strategic racing acumen. A crucial component is teaching finance and budgeting, preparing our drivers for the business side of motorsports. Nutrition and fitness are also key, ensuring peak physical condition for optimal performance.

Spotlight on Our Drivers

Leading the way for X-Racing in 2024 we have James Wareing, moving from karts to cars and into the BMW 116 Trophy. Sandro, stepping up to the Audi TT Cup, both demonstrating our drivers’ diverse talents and aspirations. Taking the first step from karts to cars into the Fiesta Junior Championship is Jack Burgess and Finn Leslie who will continue his Fiesta Junior charge following two test weekends in 2023 where he won 3 out of 4 races! Their karting training and prowess has set a solid foundation for their upcoming car racing.

As we embark on another racing season, our focus is on nurturing our drivers’ talents. From the indoor tracks of TeamKarting to the challenging outdoor tracks and onto the prestigious circuits of car racing, each lap our drivers take is a step towards their dream.

Embrace Your Racing Future with X-KART and X-RACING

Join us on this thrilling journey. Whether taking your first lap with TeamKarting or gearing up for car racing with X-RACING, we’re here to support your ambitions. Let’s race towards a future filled with speed, skill, and success.


In addition to providing high-quality chassis solutions, X-Kart is committed to providing excellent customer service and support.