The Birth of XKART: Rising from 2020’s Challenges

red and black livery of the xkart team on a white xkart chassis

The Birth of XKART: Rising from 2020’s Challenges

The birth of XKART came in 2020, following what was a tough year for everyone. With the lockdowns and the whole COVID-19 situation, a lot of us faced mental health challenges. It was during these trying times that the idea of XKART took root in Matty Street’s mind.

Mental Well-being Through Karting

Matty saw karting as more than just a sport; he viewed it as a way to lift spirits and provide an escape from the stress. He believed in the simple joys of racing and how it could help people find happiness again. So, with a vision to make a difference, he set out to bring XKART to life.

Joining Hands with TB Kart

For XKART to truly shine, Matty knew he needed a strong partner. That’s when he teamed up with TB Kart from Italy. Their expertise in crafting top-notch kart chassis was well-known. This partnership was a game-changer. With TB Kart’s support, XKART was not just about racing; it was about providing the best racing experience.

TB Kart’s Success and XKART’s Future

Although TB Kart plays a crucial role in the success of XKART, the focus always remains on XKART’s core mission: to provide a therapeutic karting experience. TB Kart’s achievements in the karting world add value to XKART, but at the end of the day, it’s about the community and the difference XKART aims to make in people’s lives.

In Conclusion

The birth of XKART and it’s continued journey, from a response to mental health challenges to partnering with industry leaders like TB Kart, showcases the power of passion and collaboration. While the future holds many races and events, the heart of XKART will always beat for its community and the positive impact it hopes to bring.


In addition to providing high-quality chassis solutions, X-Kart is committed to providing excellent customer service and support.