2023 xkart Scholarship round up

2023 XKART Scholarship held at whilton mill karting, daventry with matty street, xkart founder and claire, the motorsport mentor, janine from on track marketing, louis harvey, xkart driver coach and Alex Goldschmidt

2023 xkart Scholarship round up

The 2023 XKART Scholarship began with a flurry of excitement. Over at TeamKarting in Rochdale, racers were zipping around to set the day’s quickest lap. The most impressive of them were then shortlisted and got the special invite to put their talents on display at Whilton Mill Karting in Daventry.

The Full Day Challenge

In Daventry, it wasn’t just about the speed. There was a whole day of varied tests and challenges. Fitness checks were expertly handled by Lee Capps from Driving Force Fitness. The media stages were coordinated by Alex Goldschmidt with the assistance of Janine from On Track Marketing, who also judged a brilliant social media competition with a SATA Tools hand toolbox as the prize. When it came to interviews, Mick Barlow and Lauryn Harrington-Carter were in charge. They were on the lookout for racers who could tell a good story, engage their audience, and smartly plug a sponsor. Gemma Burgess also chipped in, hosting a workshop on sponsorship to guide racers on finding the funds they need.

Top 12 Showdown

Out of all the hopefuls, 12 racers shone the brightest. They had the special privilege of test-driving the XKARTS. Making the final decision was no easy task, especially when William Sparrow, Harry Cottrell, and Andy Dixon raced their way to the top. Matty Street, the genius behind XKART, and Claire Murdoch, of The Motorsport Mentor – a legend in racing mentorship, personally oversaw the day.

They also took time out to have a heart-to-heart with these top three racers.

And the Winner is… Andy Dixon!

Andy Dixon raced past the competition to clinch the top spot. He’s been karting since he was a tiny 4½ year old at Daytona Sandown Park. Over the years, he’s faced hurdles, from the pandemic to physical challenges, but he’s always come out on top. With the XKART Scholarship 2023 under his belt, Andy’s all set to take on the Kart Championship in 2024.

What About 2024?

Inspired by Andy? Think you’ve got the skills to race? Why not try for the XKART Scholarship 2024? Read more or sign up below and you might be next year’s star winning the ultimate karting prize worth £25,000

Join the race, chase your dreams, and maybe, just maybe, XKART will be cheering for you next!


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