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Your Pathway to Professional Racing

Welcome to the XKART Scholarship Program, an unparalleled opportunity designed to discover and develop the next generation of racing talents. Our scholarship is crafted not only to provide comprehensive support but to truly open doors in the competitive world of karting and beyond.

2023 XKART Scholarship held at whilton mill karting, daventry with matty street, xkart founder and claire, the motorsport mentor, janine from on track marketing, louis harvey, xkart driver coach and Alex Goldschmidt

The XKart driver development program has really helped me make the transition from rental karting to owner driver racing.

Lewis Sumner

Joining the X-Kart driver development program has really helped me build my brand and profile.

Leon Barlow

Nurturing Talent to Professional Heights

The journey through our scholarship program involves several key stages, designed to fully assess and nurture each driver's capabilities:


Past Scholarship Winners

s u c c e s s

James Kell

Our 2022 winner, James Kell is testament to the effectiveness and life-changing potential of the XKART Scholarship. James, our inaugural winner, showcased remarkable progress, moving from novice to pole position by the season's end, thanks to the comprehensive training and support provided by the scholarship. You can read more about James's journey and his reflections on his transformative year in our blog post about James Kell.

s u c c e s s

Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon, our latest scholarship recipient, has demonstrated significant growth through the program, actively competing in The Kart Championship and achieving commendable results. Andy's experiences and successes are detailed in our latest blog post, where he shares insights into how the scholarship has shaped his path in motorsport.


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