What the XKART Scholarship has done for me – by James Kell

James Kell Motorsport, takes 1st in the kart championship at Warden Law Karting

What the XKART Scholarship has done for me – by James Kell

Starting Line: The Indoor Karting Spark

Hi there, I’m James Kell, the proud inaugural winner of the XKART scholarship. My karting adventure kicked off in 2019, and boy, was it a ride! Rainy days at the track were my absolute favourite—there’s something about the slick surface that really lets a driver’s skills shine through.

Financial Hurdles: A Family’s Racing Challenge

Coming from a family without deep pockets meant that every lap around the track was a victory in itself. We fought hard in the IAME cadet class, even snagging a third-place championship title at Wombwell, but a severe accident and injury at Whilton Mill put a pause on my competitive racing dreams.

Rekindling the Flame: The BIKC Win

An 18-month break did little to dampen my spirits, and I soon found myself back in the driver’s seat, this time indoors. I emerged as the junior Leeds champion at BIKC, reigniting my love for the sport. It wasn’t long before I was back to collecting trophies with Total Karting.

The Turning Point: XKART Scholarship Opportunity

When Mum stumbled upon the XKART scholarship by way of a Facebook advert, we jumped at the chance. The scholarship promised a fully funded year in outdoor karting, complete with all the essentials—a dream opportunity for any racer. Now we’re not the type to win anything. ever – but with nothing to loose and worst case, a few laps around the track, we entered!

The first laps: setting times at teamkarting

The first stage was to set some fast laps at TeamKarting, Rochdale. When we arrived, we were welcomed by the team at Team Karting, and we took the opportunity to ask some questions. They were really happy to help, and explained how it all worked. We even got to look round one of the XKARTS in the reception area.

As it was the school holidays, I took my pal Haydn as we had a couple of sessions together before I set my scholarship laps. I couldn’t quite get into the 26’s but I was happy enough with the low 27s. Enjoyed the circuit. All tarmac, which made it more of a challenge than some of the other tracks I’ve been to, but really good fun.

The Big Day: XKART Scholarship at Whilton Mill

Fast-forward to the scholarship day at Whilton Mill, and the nerves were real. We arrived the night before, and stuck our head in the awning, as I watched the team share a pizza and a laugh, I knew I had found my tribe. The next morning I was really feeling nervous. I wanted that prize so much. That feeling only grew stronger as I got behind the wheel later that day.

The Transformation: Growth and Confidence

The scholarship day was epic, and I’ll spill more on that later. But let’s talk about the real prize – the growth, man. XKART and The Kart Championship turned this nervous kid into a front-row starter. From a second behind to leading the pack – if that’s not a glow-up, I don’t know what is.

Fast-forward to today, and I can barely recognise the driver I was a year ago. The XKART scholarship allowed me to focus on my skills without financial worries. I’ve gone from trailing behind to leading the pack, finishing the year with a pole position!

It’s not all been smooth sailing, but every twist, turn, and bump has been worth it. I’ve levelled up as a driver, found my groove, and I’m ready to hit this season full throttle. If you’re thinking about the scholarship, just go for it. It’s more than just racing; it’s about finding your feet, your path, and hey, maybe even your future.

Stay tuned, as I’m just getting started.

With XKART, we’re racing towards something special, and I can’t wait to see where this track leads. Let’s do this! 🏁🏎️💨

The Finish Line: A New Season Awaits

As the new season approaches, the real test begins. I’m ready to push harder, drive faster, and show the world what I’m made of. The XKART scholarship was more than a prize; it was a launchpad for my racing career.

Ready, Set, Go: Your XKART Scholarship Awaits

If my story has revved up your racing heart, it’s time to take the leap. The XKART scholarship is a game-changer, and your story could be next. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the track and let’s make some waves together! Enter the next scholarship below (use my code KELL10 for a cheeky 10% off) ⬇️⬇️

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