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Moving From Corporate Karting To Outdoor Racing

Moving From Corporate Karting To Outdoor Racing

You have been to your local corporate karting track, love it, want to progress and drive something a lot faster. But not sure what steps to take, where to go, how to do it. In this article we hope to break down all of the steps you need to take.

Transitioning from corporate “Rental Karting” to outdoor “Owner Driver karting ” can be a big step for some people, which is why we recommend doing an experience day in one of our race kart before you commit to getting your own kart.

On our experience days we provide all the kit you need, kart, engine, tyres, fuel along with a mechanic and driver coach to ensure you get the most out of your experience. These days usually run from 10am- 4pm subject to weather conditions. So you get a full days karting broken down into sessions depending on your class.

Kart classes

The classes or class is almost like the age ranges in football under11’s etc. so depending on your age, size and weight this depends what class it is best to start in.


This class is where the youngest drivers (usually between ages 5 and 7 years old) kick off their karting journey


For slightly over drivers either jumping up from bambinos or starting for the first time (usually between ages 8 and 12 years old)


For larger cadet aged drivers from also acts as a progression from cadets before jumping into a junior class. (usually between ages 11 and 14 years old)


This class is either a progression from cadets or inter or an entry point for people starting karting. (usually between ages 12 and 15 years old)


This is the final step in the karting class structure and is open all drivers aged 16+

Once you know what class you fall into it can then break down even further depending on the type of chassis and engine you will be looking to use. Bambinos have Iame & Comer, Cadets Honda, Iame & Rotax. Inter, Junior and Senior all have Rotax, X30 to name just a few.

Outdoor experience days

Outdoor experience days are not suitable for people without past karting experience.

  • The driver MUST attend a seat fitting prior attending the experience
  • The driver need to be capable and comfortable to make the step from indoor to outdoor karting. The driver is fully responsible on track for his/her actions on track and must be aware of other track users, driving safely and responsibly
  • Drivers are advised to bring their own race wear, however TeamKarting/Xkart can provide the necessary equipment if needed.
  • While we can control a lot of things the weather is not one of them, so we strongly recommend you bring a change of warm clothes, trainers and waterproofs if possible.
  • Most outdoor karting track have small cafes on site to purchase snacks and hot drinks. However, this may not be the case therefore we recommend bringing a packed lunch and / or some spending money.
  • The kart will come fully race ready at the time of your experience however it is important to remember that these are “Race Karts” and mechanical failures can happen, while we endeavour to fix 99% of problems we would like to highlight that some failures may be terminal and result in the experience ending early. (Parts Insurance Available)
  • Within the race kart hire all consumables such and fuel, oils and spare parts are included in the cost however the track will change a race fee usually around £30-£50 per day. The participant must pay these fees to the track directly on the day of the experience.
  • For the experience there will be a Mechanic / Driver coach on hand for setup support, fix mechanical failures and to ease the participant into outdoor karting and improve technique and racing lines etc.
  • The karting sessions will run from 10am-4:pm usually in 15 minute rolling heats all day. The classes are as follows: Bambinos – Cadets – Inter –  Junior – Seniors

All of the above costs £450 + Optional Insurance + Track Fees

Optional Insurance is available, if at any point on the sessions you suffer a mechanical failure due to driver error we will replace any broken parts and you will be invoiced for them at cost. Or for £75 you can take out our parts insurance, which covers all part replacements and mechanical failures that may occur during the experience.

Next steps

Once you have driven a real race kart for the first time you will know if this sport is for you, some times people can be put of by the speed difference and openness when compared to corporate karting.

You tested a kart, love it. Now need to think about next steps.

How much is it going to cost? Am I able to look after the kart myself, what’s involved? Where do I start?

All of these questions are answered in our monthly news letter make sure you subscribe to our mailing list. Also check out our blog page for more helpful information.


In addition to providing high-quality chassis solutions, X-Kart is committed to providing excellent customer service and support.