Michael Barlow

Michael Barlow, often referred to as the “resident tech nerd” at XKART, brings a crucial technical prowess to the team. With a background deeply rooted in digital technology, Mick expertly manages all aspects of digital tech for the team, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and various backend technical issues. His expertise ensures that XKART maintains a strong online presence and operates smoothly at all digital levels.

Mick’s connection to motorsport is also personal, having been involved through his son who started karting nearly a decade ago at TeamKarting in Rochdale. His son’s progression from indoor tracks to becoming one of the first ranks of the XKART team has given Mick a unique perspective on the sport, blending his technical skills with a genuine passion for karting. This blend of personal investment and professional expertise makes Mick an invaluable asset to the XKART team, keeping them at the cutting edge of both technology and competitive¬†racing.



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