Janine Kell

Janine Kell is a seasoned marketing and business development professional, overseeing the marketing initiatives for the wider group, which includes XKART, TeamKarting, and TB Kart UK. With a rich history in digital marketing, Janine founded her own business before stepping into her current role, where she leverages her extensive experience to drive growth and brand recognition. Since 2015, she has worked with several internationally recognized brands, enhancing their market presence and strategic outreach.

A motorsport enthusiast since 2006, Janine’s passion for the sport is deeply personal. Her involvement intensified when her son began karting in 2019. His journey through motorsport, culminating in winning the inaugural XKART scholarship, has given Janine unique insights into the racing world, which she adeptly applies to her professional role. Her expertise not only promotes the group’s activities but also supports the development of young drivers, making her an integral part of the team’s success both on and off the track.



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