X-KART Micro chassis now available to pre-order

UK chassis provider X-Kart can now officially announce that the new "Micro" chassis is available to pre-order at a price of £2750 for a full rolling chassis.

It is the latest addition to the products offered by the official UK distributor, which broadens the availability of choice, with the younger kart drivers in mind for this.

"It is a great new kart that we are able to offer to drivers, after a lot of hard work behind the scenes with TB Kart in Italy," explained X-Kart owner Matty Street.

"The chassis made an immediate impact at the Cadet Kart Championship Micro MAX Cup in late July at Hooton Park, with Leon Barlow winning the event. This speaks volumes of the belief that we have in the range of karts that we are able to provide."

Specification of the new X-Kart "Micro" chassis:

• 950mm chassis

• Tubes Diameter Ø 28mm

• Axle Ø 30mm

• Ventilated rear brake disc

• M20 bodywork kit

• Highest quality components

The new chassis has been testing and racing ahead of its official introduction to the kart chassis market in early 2022.

Images © Envision Images