x-kART Young Drivers ACADEMY

The X-KART Young Racing Drivers Academy is a motorsport specific programme focussing on developing the best young talent up the hugely competitive motorsport ladder.


Every academy driver will receive:

  • X-Kart Academy T-shirt.

  • Discount on the latest X-Kart Chassis.

  • Fitness and nutritional advice

  • Presentation and public speaking training.

  • Instagram and Facebook algorithms the know-how.

  • Monthly virtual meetings on prospecting and achieving goals.

  • Mindset training. 

  • Training events around the UK from The Motorsport Mentor.

  • Transition from karts to cars with The Motorsport Mentor.

  • Advice from entrepreneur Matty Street on how he achieved his goals in motorsport.

Added bonus 

  • Discount on indoor kart days.

  • Discount on corporate Kart days.

  • Discount on driver coaching.

-make it happen-

Let’s Work Together

Thanks for your application.